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Federico García Lorca: Black Moon (2021)

1h 3m Documentary, Biography 2021

Can you tell the story of the trip that never was? In the case of Federico García Lorca, yes. And the most surprising thing is how this route seems so real, that the poet’s imaginary footprints could almost be followed one by one in a country where he never set foot. That country is Mexico. He was expected to visit the country for years, when the Granada-born writer gained literary success. Friends and admirers of his work invited him to the Federal District to represent his plays or give his famous lectures on cante jondo. But that trip was postponed and eventually truncated. The Civil War and death crossed Lorca’s path and his presence in Mexico was impossible.

The documentary Black Moon traces that route dreamed by Federico García Lorca in Mexico. After having traveled through the United States, Cuba, Argentina and Uruguay - itineraries collected in the previous installments, New York Moons and Giant Moon -, this work recreates the last days of Lorca and the most likely exile the poet would have had in Mexico, where he wanted to put the finishing touch to his American tour and where he was awaited with open arms. Like many Republican intellectuals and many other companions of the Generation of 27, who thanks to the political asylum provided by President Lázaro Cárdenas, contributed to the cultural modernization of Mexico while being exiles, perhaps Lorca would have been able to land in the streets of DF , getting lost in its neighborhoods, its bookstores, its theaters and its canteens, in which the echoes of Chavela Vargas “lorquian” voice still sounds.

Supported by the testimony of experts, actors and writers from both sides of the Atlantic, and against the backdrop of the music and the letters that Lorca wrote shortly before he was murdered - narrated, once again, by Antonio de la Torre -, Black Moon composes a unique mosaic on an author who is felt as native in Mexican lands. The trip that was never made can now be told.


Spanish, English



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