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Federico García Lorca: Moon of New York (2021)

Documentary, Biography 1h 3m 2021

Moons of New York, a documentary by Cibeles Productions, recalls the trip to New York made in 1929 by Federico García Lorca, where he remains for a period of nine essential months for his life and literary career.

With the help of experts such as Ian Gibson, Christopher Maurer, Laura Garcia Lorca, Antonio Muñoz Molina and Luis Antonio de Villena, among others, we walk the streets of New York in search of the footprintleft by the Granada poet, the memory of his stay at Columbia University or his long evenings at Harlem jazz clubs.

In the great American metropolis writes one of his mains works, Poet in New York, and attends Wall Street at the beginning of the Great Depression.


Spanish, English



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