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Fly Me Away (Envole-moi) (2020)

Drama 1h 31m 2020

This film is available to watch 10/12/21 19:30 - 12/12/21 19:29 It is available from within the UK only.

The grandson of the late, great Jean-Paul Belmondo, Victor Belmondo plays Thomas, a blasé young man, who spends his nights in clubs and his days in bed. That is until his father, Dr. Reinhard (Gérard Lanvin), fed up with his son’s escapades, cuts him off completely and forces him to take care of one of his young patients. Marcus, 12, was born with a serious congenital disorder. He lives with his mother in the deprived suburbs of Paris and spends his days either at the hospital or in a centre for sick children. This encounter will disrupt their lives and change them both, profoundly and forever.


French, Dutch




France, Belgium, Luxembourg


French Film Festival

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