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Milk (2020)

5m Horror, Short 2020

The idea for ‘milk’ initially came from a dream I had, in which a similar situation as depicted in the film took place. I was obviously borderline traumatised and immediately knew it would make an incredible film. The topic is impactful in many ways: breastfeeding is still seen as almost taboo in many places, as people (mostly the male population) find the whole concept quite disgusting. I wanted to bring that onto the screen, really make the viewers uncomfortable and encourage people to study that reaction.

The initial idea visually had been a very classic horror scenario: dark room, blue light from the tv, bright red blood. But after playing with ideas, we suddenly thought ‘what if everything was cute and pink and gooey, a total contradiction to the horrific thing taking place’. It was a risky decision, but one we all agreed on. I was very fortunate to have a dedicated, passionate crew who were all just as enthusiastic as myself to bring the vision to life. We settled on a 100% female crew, in honour of our topic and it was truly the loveliest shoot I’ve ever been on. An easy, supportive and warm atmosphere was created and we’re all very proud of our work.


Lux Pemberton


Lux Pemberton




United Kingdom

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