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SNOWGLOBES World Premiere (2021)

Fantasy, Poetry, Science, Ethics, Artificial Intelligence 1h 30m 2021

This film is available to watch 06/12/21 19:30 - 08/12/21 19:29 It is available worldwide.

Once upon a time, in an English house with a fairy garden, a strange boy lived isolated with scientists wondering how to remove the violence gene.

In this singular and touching story, inspired by quantum physics, director Yannik Ruault delivers a fairytale intertwining poetry and the dizziness of the future. After studying Fine Arts and working as an art teacher in universities in the United States and France, he became involved in independent low budget cinema. He made his first short film in 2011.

The Snowglobes official website can be viewed here


Yannik Ruault


Yannik Ruault

Script Consultant

Colo Tavernier

Executive Producer

Yannik Ruault

Line Producer

Green Rabbit


James Bell


Billy Bowes

Director of Photography

Ed Cotton

Sound Director

Alvin Lee

Assistant Director

Frazer Belton






France, United Kingdom


French Film Festival

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