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The Collini Case (2021)

2h 3m Crime, Drama 2021

Based on the internationally bestselling novel by Ferdinand Von Schirach THE COLLINI CASE is a masterful court room drama carefully exposing and laying bare the sins of the past.

Fabrizo Collini (Franco Nero) is accused, without any apparent motive, of murdering the respected industrial magnate Hans Meyer. For Caspar, (Elyas M’Barek) accepting this as his first case as defence counsel would propel his career exponentially. But the victim was not only the grandfather of his childhood sweetheart but also a mentor and father figure to him in his youth.

As Casper delves deeper, he unravels the dark secret past of the family. He soon discovers a scandalous law that shakes the legal justice system to its core, turning it into one of Germany’s most high-profile cases of the century.



The Collini Case: Stirring German Courtroom Drama
Evenly paced with rewarding second-half payoffs, The Collini Case shines with excellent performances, strong themes, and compelling storytelling..

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