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Two Of Us (Deux) (2021)

Drama, Romance, LGBTQ+ 1h 39m 2021

When Nina Dorn (Barbara Sukowa) met Madeleine Girard (Martine Chevalier) on holiday in Rome,they became instantly inseparable. Decades later, they still are, secretly sharing their lives and the landing between their two apartments. After more than twenty years of loving in the shadows Madeleine promises Nina she will tell her family about their life together. Though certain of her love for Nina, Madeleine struggles with the prospect of “coming out”. When an unexpected, life-altering event turns their world upside down Madeleine’s daughter unwittingly begins to unravel their truth.

Featuring a trio of powerhouse performances from Barbara Sukowa (Hannah Arendt), Léa Drucker (Custody) and Martine Chevallier (of the Comédie Française), Filippo Meneghetti’s ‘Two of Us’ is an unbridled celebration of a love that knows no bounds - and the unshakeable fervour of the female spirit.

Golden Globes nominated and Shortlisted for Academy Awards 2021 – Best Foreign Language Film.









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